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Invokes the Enrycher Web service to provide disambiguation annotations in the content of the source text.

This steps sends groups of source entries to the Enrycher service, gets back the ITS annotated results, and map those results back to Okapi inline annotations that can be used by any other steps.

For more information on the ITS Text Analysis data category, see the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 2.0.

Note: The amount of annotations added to the content can be very high depending on the type of text.


URL of the Enrycher web service — Enter the URL of the Web service to use.

Events buffer — Enter the number of events to process at once. the greater the number, the more segments are sent at the same time to the Web service. This generally improves speed. But the more events are buffered the more memory you need.


  • This step is BETA.
  • The Enrycher Web service (as of Aug-18-2013) supports only English and Slovenian.