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This step creates a TM from the source text of the input documents and the translation provided by the Google Translator Toolkit (GTT).

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events (unmodified).

You must have a Google Translator Toolkit (GTT) account to be able to use this step.

Text units flagged as non-translatable are not send to GTT for translation.

This step works as follow:

  • The segments of each input document are extracted into a temporary special HTML document that is uploaded in the GTT account you have specified.
  • The GTT edit pages for the documents are open in your browser and the step pauses.
  • At this point you need to look at each GTT document and click Save & Close. You do not need to make any modification. This action is needed to trigger the pre-translation of the document in GTT.
  • Once you have saved and closed all the documents in GTT, go back to the dialog box and click Continue. This tells the step to resume its process and download the pre-translated temporary HTML documents. The entries in those files are aligned with the original source and the resulting segments placed in the TMX document. The temporary HTML files in GTT are deleted automatically.

If a document is too large to fit into the 1 MB per file limit of GTT, it is automatically split into several smaller files.

Note that using the Leveraging Step with the Google MT Connector will produces MT results similar to this step. However, this step is not limited by the volume restrictions that come with using the Google Translate API.

Warning: December 4, 2019: The Google Translator Toolkit was shut down (see for details). So this step will be removed in the next Okapi release.


Email address — Enter the email address for the GTT account you want to use.

Password — Enter the password for your GTT account.

Mark the generated translation as machine translation results — Set this option to mark the TM entries generated as the result of machine translation. For example, when this option is set, the creationId attribute of the TMX <Tu> element is set to "MT!".

Open the GTT edit pages automatically after upload — Set this option to automatically open the edit page of the file sent to GTT in your browser.

TMX document to create — Enter the full path of the TMX document to generate. If another document exists already it will be overwritten.


  • Processing many large documents may be taxing on your browser if the option to open the edit pages automatically is set. In those cases you may want to not set that option and open/save the GTT documents yourself.