How to Use CheckMate with OmegaT

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You can take advantage of CheckMate's verification features while working in OmegaT, without leaving OmegaT.

Setting Things Up

1. Start CheckMate.

2. Click on Session (or select File > Session Settings). This opens the Session Settings dialog.

3. Add the project_save.tmx file of your OmegaT project in the document list. This file is located in the omegat sub-directory of your project directory. The source and target languages should be detected automatically.

4. Make sure the option Re-check documents automatically when they change is set.

5. Click OK

6. Click Configuration (or select Issues > Edit Configuration). This opens the Quality Check Configuration dialog box.

7. Turn on all the verifications you want to do on your segments, and turn off all the ones you do not want to perform. Click OK when it's done.

8. Start OmegaT and open your project.


Each time you save your work in OmegaT (Ctrl+S), the project_save.tmx is updated.

CheckMate is watching the file and each time it is modified, it re-runs all the verifications you have selected on the new translations. Any new issue is added to the list, any fixed issue is removed from it.