MS Word Resaver Step

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This "convenience" step opens a file in MS Word and resaves it using one of the selected formats. One use case is when you want to convert a file to a different format. Another use case is when you want to make sure a subsequent step receives the format it expects. I.e. an *.rtf file that is in fact doc file could cause the pipeline to break. To make sure it's in fact an rtf file you can resave it as *.rtf

Takes: Raw document. Sends: Raw document (Either the input documents, or a single TMX document)

Note: This step is part of the Trados Utilities Plugin and is not included in the general distribution.
This step runs on Windows only and requires that Trados 7.x or Trados 2007 is already installed on your machine.


Format to save as — Select the output format.

Send resaved document to the next step — Send the resaved document to the next step in the pipeline. This option is the default.


  • None Known