Message Format Filter

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The MessageFormatFilter is designed to handle message formats commonly found in software applications. This includes formats such as ICU Message Format and Java MessageFormat. This filter is meant to be used as a subfilter and the message strings can be in various container formats: JSON, YAML XML etc..


  • addPluralForms - false by default. If enabled new plural forms will be added based on the target locale. The source string is modified and then refiltered to provide the new plural forms to the translator.
  • normalize - false by default. If enabled the source will be normalized to move leading and trailing text inside each complex (plural, select etc..) variant. This makes translation easier by forcing each variant to be a complete phrase or sentence. Note: This option can increase word and character counts for the source!
  • prettyPrint - false by default. If true the output is formatted to enhance readability. Any whitespace added is not significant. The default option returns a compact string (normally a single line)