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Note: This step is no longer available starting from M35: Microsoft does no longer provides the API methods it uses. See Microsoft's announcement for details.

This step allows you to submit translated segments to Microsoft Translator. These segments can be retrieved later on when querying for translation.

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events.

You must have a "Client ID" and a "Client Secret" from Microsoft to use this step. If you get those by obtaining a Windows Live ID, and then registering an application in your Live account. See the MSDN pages for more information.

You must also respect Microsoft's Terms of Service. If you intend to use the Microsoft Translator API for commercial or high volume purposes, you would need to sign a commercial license agreement and provide your AppID to the Microsoft Translator team. For more details contact

Warning: Be extremely cautious when using this step as you have no way to remove a translation once it has been added to Microsoft Translator. You can only re-submit the same translations with a low rating to push it down the list of query results.

The segments with the following characteristics are not submitted:

  • empty source or empty target
  • not text in the source or no text in the target
  • text units flagged as non-translatable

Each segment submitted must be a single sentence. Segments with multiple sentences may cause errors.


Client ID — The Client ID to use to connect to the MT server. See the MSDN pages for more information.

Client Secret — The secret corresponding to the Client ID.

Category — An optional category to use when working with trained engines.

Rating — Enter the rating value to apply to the submitted translations. The value must be between -10 and 10. The default rating for an MT result is usually 5.

Warning: You must select the rating value value very carefully has it may affect the top result of the queries for the given source text, for everyone.

Batch size — Enter the number of segments to submit in one batch. The value must be between 1 and 100.


  • The Microsoft Translator API has some restriction for high volume usage. Contact Microsoft for details.
  • See also the limitations on the Microsoft Translator Connector.