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This step allows you to associate ITS MT Confidence scores listed in a TMX file with translated entries.

Warning: This step is under development

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events.

Note: This step is part of the QuEst Plugin and is not included in the general distribution.

This step reads the TMX document and store in memory the hash code of the plain-text source of each segment along with the value of MT Confidence property. Then for each full source and segment source of the events it recieves, it compares the hash code of the plain-text source with the ones in memory. If it finds a match it adds the score as an ITS MT Confidence annotation to the object holding the source text.


TMX input file — Enter the full path of the TMX file where the quest:score properties are.

Property type — Enter the type of the TMX property where the MT Confidence score is stored. In TMX files generated by the QuEst Quality Estimation Step the type is quest:score.


  • The hash codes and scores of the TMX file are held in memory. This should almost never be an issue has the size of each entry in that map is small.