Rainbow - User Preferences

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This dialog box allows you to modify the user-specific options for Rainbow.

Initial Project

Never load a project — Select this option to never load the last project in the previous session.

Ask the user — Select this option to have Rainbow prompt you if you want to load the last project of the previous session.

Load automatically — Select this option to automatically load the last project of the previous session.


Always show the Log when starting a process — Set this option to automatically open the Log window when a process starts.

Allow duplicate documents in the input list — Set this option to allow have the same document several times in any of the input lists. This option should not be set most of the time. When this option is set Rainbow does not check if a document is already listed when adding it to a list. This may be useful to perform very specific tasks with multilingual files for example.

Use the last session's languages and encodings as defaults — Set this option to use for default languages and encoding of new projects to be the ones set y the user in the last session.

Logging level — Select the level of logging to display in the Log window. The finer the level, the more information is displayed. The levels of "Finer" and "Finest" are normally debug messages. The level most user should use is "Normal".

Plugins Location

Enter the directory for the plugins — If you need to use a plugins directory different from the default one, enter a valid directory. The plugins directory must contain only plugins.

Most users should just leave this field empty to use the defaults. This option is mostly useful when running from the build environment.