Used Characters Listing Step

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This step generates a list of all characters used in the translatable text of a given set of documents.

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events.

This step is useful for example when you need to create a font for Japanese bitmap characters for a game interface. By including only the characters actually used in the text you can reduce the size of the bitmap font. This step can give you the list of the characters you need to include in the font.

Text units that are set as not transltable are ignored.


The result file generated by the step is a tab-delimited text file with three columns.

  1. The Unicode code point
  2. The character representation.
  3. The number of occurrences found for the given character.

For example:

U+2192 '→' 50
U+00AE '®' 1
U+00A0 ' ' 3
U+007A 'z' 10
U+0079 'y' 320

The output list is not any specific order.


Path of the result file — Enter the full path of the result file.

Open the result file after completion — Set this option to automatically open the result file after the process is complete.


None known.