XML Validation Step

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This step performs a validation of the XML input documents. It always checks for well-formness, and if the option is set, it can also perform a DTD or a schema validation.

Takes: raw XML document. Sends: raw XML document.


Use DTD declarations found in the input documents — Set this option to validate the document against the DTDs found in the documents. If the option is not set, DTD declarations are ignored.

Validate the documents structure — Set this option to perform a DTD, W3C or RelaxNG schema validation of the input documents in addition to the well-formness verification.

Type of validation — Select the type of validation you want to perform: DTD, W3C schema or RelaxNG schema.

Path of the XML schema — If you have selected to perform a schema validation, you can enter here the path of the schema to use for the validation. Note that any schema declared in the documents themselves will be used as well. For W3C and RealxNG schema the path can be a URL.

When performing a DTD validation, the DTD must be specified in the input documents.


None known.