CheckMate - Session Settings

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This dialog box allows you to edit the main settings for CheckMate.


The list box enumerates all the documents currently in the session.

Add — Click this button to add a new document to the list. This command opens the Input Document dialog box.

Remove — Click this button to remove the selected document from the list.

Remove All — Click this button to remove all documents from the list.

Re-check documents automatically when they change — Select this option to automatically re-run the verifications when one of the documents is modified. A document is modified when its modification date changes. When this option is set, the modification date of each document is looked at every 2 seconds. This allows you to work in a different application, make changes to a file, save the file and watch how the changes affect the verification in CheckMate without doing anything in CheckMate.


Source locale — Enter the code for the source locale, for example en-us for US English.

Target locale — Enter the code for the target locale, for example de for German.

Note: All documents in the session must be for the same language pair. All documents must be bilingual/multilingual translated documents (for example: XLIFF, PO, TMX, TS, etc).