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The Okapi Framework is a free, open-source and cross-platform set of components and applications designed to help your localization and translation processes.
The project uses and promotes open standards such as XLIFF, TMX, SRX, ITS and other formats. It is an OAXAL 1.0 implementation.

Users Help and Documentation

  • Getting Started — all you need to know to get started using the Okapi tools
  • FAQ — the answers to some of the most asked questions
  • Online Help — the applications online help pages
  • Knowledge Base — various articles on how to work with the Okapi tools
  • Tutorials — step-by-step tutorials on using the Okapi tools
  • Glossary — list of the main terms used in the help and documentation
  • Screenshots — of the applications on different platforms3

Additional support:


  • Rainbow — a toolbox to launch a large variety of localization tasks
  • CheckMate — an application to perform quality checks on bilingual files
  • Tikal — a command-line tool for basic localization tasks
  • Ratel — a WYSIWYG editor to create, test and maintain SRX segmentation rules
  • Longhorn — a batch processing server
  • Ocelot — a XLIFF translator/reviewer workbench


Downloads — Stable Release (master branch)

The latest stable release of Rainbow, CheckMate, Tikal, Ratel, etc. (1.46.0 - Jan 2, 2024):

Downloads — Development Release (dev branch)

For testers and advanced users, the latest development snapshots are here: