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ModernMT (MMT) is a context-aware, incremental and distributed general purpose Machine Translation technology. MMT is being developed as a European Union funded open-source project. You can find more information on the project at []

The MMT system can be used to develop and host your own engines that can be used in your translation pipeline. This connector uses the REST API [here] to allow you to translate using an engine hosted on an MMT instance.

Before using the connector you must have started an engine in MMT using:

./mmt start


./mmt start -e <engine_name>

Using the Connector

In Rainbow, the connector can be accessed through the Leveraging Step. It can also be called programatically.


URL for ModernMT Engine (internal name: url) — Mandatory. The URL of the ModernMT engine to connect to.

Context for the ModernMT Engine call (internal name: context) — Optional. The context/domain for the translation.


  • Global Context Setting - currently, when set as a parameter the context is applied to all translation requests. An update is currently being developed to allow the ITS Domain annotation to drive per segment context setting.