Rainbow TKit - XLIFF 2.0

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The XLIFF 2.0 package is one of the types of translation packages you can create with the Rainbow Translation Kit Creation Step.

Note: You need the M24 release or above to create XLIFF v2 output.

Trying out Extraction to XLIFF 2.0

To create an XLIFF 2.0 file from your own source documents (e.g. an HTML file, or a DOCX file, or a Properties file, etc.), execute the following instructions:

  • Start Rainbow.
  • Drop the files to extract in the Input List 1.
  • Make sure each input file is associated with its proper filter configuration.
  • Make sure the languages and encodings are set properly in the Languages and Encodings tab.
  • Select Utilities > Translation Kit Creation.
  • Select the Rainbow Translation Kit Creation step.
  • In the Package Format tab select XLIFF 2.0.
  • When the XLIFF 2.0 option is selected you can click on Options to select additional output options such as what type of representation you want for the inline codes, etc.
  • In the Output Location tab select where your package will be created (e.g use {$inputRootDir} to create the package in the same directory as the input files.
  • Click Execute.
  • When the extraction is done, you should find the XLIFF 2.0 files in the work sub-directory in the directory of the package that was created.