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The main window is divided in two parts:

  • The upper part list all the rules for the group currently selected.
  • The lower part is the example area where you can try out the rules and see how they behave on a give text. The rules are automatically applied on the sample text each time you modify the sample, change an option, or modify the rules.

Language rules currently displayed — Select the language group you want to work with. All the rules for the selected language group are display in the list below.

Groups and Options — Click this button to open the Groups and Options dialog box where you can specify language groups and how they are mapped to languages.

Add — Click this button to add a new rule at the end of the current group. This opens the Edit Rule dialog.

Edit — Click this button to edit the rule currently selected. This opens the Edit Rule dialog.

Remove — Click this button to remove the rule currently selected from the current group.

Move Up — Click this button to move the rule currently selected upward in the group.

Move Down — Click this button to move the rule currently selected downward in the group.

Mask Rule — Click this button to enter a special regular expression that, when found on an entry, overrides any other rules and make the match text a segment. This option is not a standard SRX option, and using it may prevent your rules to be fully interoperable with other SRX-compatible tools.

Char Info — Click this button to get information about the character currently selected in the Sample text edit box.

Test on the current set of rules only — Select this option to test only using the language rules currently selected (the ones displayed).

Test on the rules for this language code — Select this option to test all all languages rules that applies for the given language code. This may include zero, one or more language rules depending on your document. To use this option you must specify a language code. If the language code does not match any of the language maps, no rules are applied.