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* '''Stable release: http://bintray.com/okapi/Distribution/Okapi_Applications
* '''Stable release: http://bintray.com/okapi/Distribution/Okapi_Applications
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapi.opentag.com/snapshots
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapiframework.org/snapshots
[[Category:CheckMate]] [[Category:TMX]] [[Category:XLIFF]]
[[Category:CheckMate]] [[Category:TMX]] [[Category:XLIFF]]

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CheckMate on Windows 7


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CheckMate is a cross-platform application that allows you to perform various quality checks on bilingual translated documents.

Some of the verifications performed are:

  • Repeated words
  • Corrupted characters
  • Patterns in the source text that should correspond to a given pattern in the translation.
  • Inline codes differences.
  • Translation suspiciously longer or shorter than the source.
  • Missing translation.
  • Leading and trailing spaces.
  • And more...

You can disabled warnings that happen to be incorrect, so the next time you re-run the verification those "false warnings" are not listed again. You can also save your session and come back to it later.

In addition to the interactive list of warnings, the tool can generate complete reports of the issues found.

CheckMate allows you to integrate directly the verifications performed by the open-source LanguageTool checker, which offers a wide range of simple and complex checks for many languages.

You can work with any bilingual or multilingual file format supported by the Okapi filters, for example: XLIFF, TMX, PO, TS, TTX, Trados-Tagged RTF, etc.


CheckMate is available from the okapi-apps distribution: