DeepL MT Connector

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Starting in M36, DeepL MT service API (documented at can be access with this connector.

Using the Connector

The connector can be accessed programmatically.


DeepL authentication key (internal name: authKey) — the API key to allow access to the API.

Get plain-text translation (internal name: plainText) — Option to get plain-text MT candidates from DeepL. When this option is set the segments submitted to the DeepL API are stripped of inline codes. When this option is not set, the inline codes are converted to XML generic tags and submitted as such to DeepL, and then converted back to the original inline codes.

Split sentences (internal name: splitSentences) — True to segment by sentence during the MT process (this provides less context).

Preserve some formatting aspects (internal name: preserveFormatting) — True to try to preserve as much as possible upper/lowe cases, trailing punctuation, etc.


  • There are limitations in the size of the query and the number of segments that can be submitted at once. The connector tries to handle those restriction. See the DeepL API for more information.