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This is a connector for Google AutoML Translation, a service that allows users to train custom models and use them for translation. If you don't require a custom model, consider using the Google MT v2 Connector instead.

Warning: The end-user is solely responsible for the costs of using this service. The developers of the Okapi Framework do their best to provide bug-free components and they are not liable, in any way, for any cost incurred by the end-user even when caused by defective code.

Using the Connector

In order to use the connector, you'll need to create a Google service account and download a private key JSON file for the account.

You must train a model for each language pair you intend to use with the connector. Google has a tutorial on how to train a model through the AutoML Translation UI. You can also use the AutoML Translation API to train models programatically.


Credential file path (internal name: credentialFilePath) — Absolute path on your filesystem to a JSON file containing private key information for a Google service account. This is the same JSON file described in the previous section.

Model JSON map (internal name: modelMap) — A JSON string that maps a language pair to the resource name of the model that will process translations for that language pair. Model resource names are typically of the form projects/{projectId}/locations/{computeRegion}/models/{modelId}.

Example: {"en-US/ja-JP": "projects/my-project/locations/us-central1/models/ABC123", "en-US/de-DE": "projects/my-project/locations/us-central1/models/DEF456"}

Credential string (internal name: credentialString) — JSON string containing private key information for a Google service account. This parameter is not exposed through the UI but can be set programmatically. It is used only if the credentialFilePath is null or empty.


  • AutoML Translation is currently in BETA.
  • Unlike the Google MT v2 Connector, API keys cannot be used with this connector due to a limitation of the AutoML Translation API.
  • The connector does not retry API calls when they fail.