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The version 1 of the Google Translate API has been discontinued in December 2011. A new paying service using a new version of the API is available. The framework provides a connector for this new Google Translate API. You can find more information about Google MT v2 here:

The engine supports inline codes.

This connector accesses a remote server and makes your source text available to Google, but no corresponding translation is sent to Google. You must also respect Google's Terms of Service to use it.

Warning: The end-user is solely responsible for the costs of using this service. The developers of the Okapi Framework do their best to provide bug-free components and they are not liable, in any way, for any cost incurred by the end-user even when caused by defective code.

Possible alternatives:


Google API key — Enter the Google API key you want to use for the charges occurring when using this connector. You can obtain an API key from this page:

Example of a configuration file:



  • This connector is BETA