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Using Tikal

You can query directly a Pensieve TM with Tikal:

1. Start a DOS prompt or a shell console from where you can run Tikal.

2. Assuming:

  • The TM is in C:\Tmp\myTM.pentm
  • The text to query is "text to query"

Execute the command-line:

tikal -q "text to query" -pen C:\Tmp\myTM

If the text exists as typed you should get an exact match, something like this:

= From Pensieve TM (en->fr)
  Threshold=95, Maximum hits=25
score: 95, origin: 
  Source: "text to query"
  Target: "texte à chercher"

Note that, at this time, the source and target languages do not matter when querying the TM.