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==Download and Installation==
==Download and Installation==
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapi.opentag.com/snapshots (the file <code>okapiQuEst-&lt;version>.zip</code>)
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapiframework.org/snapshots (the file <code>okapiQuEst-&lt;version>.zip</code>)
To install the plugin with Rainbow:
To install the plugin with Rainbow:

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The QuEst plugin is an Okapi plugin that groups several steps that work with the QuEst library. These steps require the SRILM software to be accessible.

This plugin is part of the Okapi QuEst project, a collaboration between the Okapi Framework project and the University of Sheffield's QuEst project, and is sponsored by the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT).

Steps Included

The following steps are included in the plugin:

Download and Installation

To install the plugin with Rainbow:

  • Go to the plugin directory for your Rainbow installation, by default it is the dropins sub-directory located in the main installtaion directory.
  • Unzip the plugin distribution file in its own sub-directory.
  • Start or re-start Rainbow.
  • The new steps should be available to create new pipelines.

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