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* '''Stable release: http://bintray.com/okapi/Distribution/Okapi_Applications
* '''Stable release: http://bintray.com/okapi/Distribution/Okapi_Applications
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapi.opentag.com/snapshots
* Development release (snapshot): http://okapiframework.org/snapshots
[[Category:Ratel]] [[Category:Segmentation]]
[[Category:Ratel]] [[Category:Segmentation]]

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Ratel on Kubuntu


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Ratel is a cross-platform application to create and maintain segmentation rules. The tool works with the SRX (Segmentation Rules eXchange) format.

Its features includes for example:

  • Immediate preview of the segmentation as you edit the rules.
  • Can enabled/disable rules for easier debugging.
  • Apply the rules on input files for testing.
  • Test with different language codes
  • Copy/Paste the SRX document to and from the Clipboard for easy exchange with other tools.
  • And more...

Segmentation rules are used in several of Okapi's components to break text units into small parts such as sentences. Using SRX rules allows to be more interoperable with other sets of tools. For example, when sharing a translation memory, SRX allows two different tools to also exchange the rules used to break down the paragraphs into the sentences that are in the TM.


Ratel is available from the okapi-apps distribution: