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The SimpleTM translation memory is an early TM engine of the Okapi Framework that has only very basic matching capabilities.

  • Multiple translations of the same source is supported.
  • Only exact matches are supported. In some cases (e.g. multiple exact matches with translation difference in at least one, or inline code differences), you may get 99% or 98% matches, but they are derived from an exact match. There is no concept of "fuzzy" match in SimpleTM.

You can easily export existing data from a SimpleTM into a TMX file using the SimpleTM to TMX Step.

Note: All new developments on Okapi translation memory are now done in the Pensieve TM. The SimpleTM engine is only supported for backward compatibility, and it is being phased out progressively.
Warning: Starting with the M9 release of Okapi, the version of the backend database is different. Database TMs created before M9 (they have a .data.db extension) are not compatible with the new version. The new database TMs have a .h2.db extension.