GlobalSight TM Connector

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The GlobalSight TM engine is part of the open-source GlobalSight System. You need to have access to server with the system installed in order to use this resource. You can find more information about the GlobalSight TMS here:


Server URL — The full URL to the services. This must include all information needed: host, port, etc. For example: http://myhost:8080/globalsight/services/AmbassadorWebService?wsdl.

User name — The username to use for the login.

Password — The password of the username.

TM profile — The profile name to use for accessing the TM. See the GlobalSight documentation for more information.

Example of a configuration file:



  • The Axis library used to access the GlobalSight OAP services has memory leaks that may cause problem when doing large amount of transactions. This specific version of Axis must be used because no other library seem to support the RCP/encoded mode the GlobalSight services use.