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The MyMemory project is a central repository of public and private TMs. It offers access through a Web service interface, and can provide MT fall-back translation when no good matches are found. You can find more information about MyMemory here:

This connector accesses a remote server and make your source text available to, but no corresponding translation is sent to You must also respect's Terms of Service.

Note that results coming from MT through the MyMemory connector have a score set by MyMemory, not the default MT score many other connectors have.


Provide also machine translation result — Set this option if you want the results to fall back to a machine translation proposal if no proper match is found in the TM.

Send IP address — Set this option to send your IP address along with the query. This is recommended for large volumes and set by default.


  • The MyMemory query API does not have provision for inline codes. So the connector strip them from the content before querying MyMemory and add them back at the end of the resuling translation. A 1% penality is also set to the score if the source has inline codes. For example if you query "This is a <b>simple</b> test." where "<b>" and "</b>" are inline codes. You would get something like this: "Il s'agit d'un simple test<b></b>"
  • Some results coming from machine translation may have escaped characters (like #39; for apostrophe) this is a bug in MyMemory which returns the MT matches sometimes escaped, sometimes not escaped.