Ratel - Test Segmentation on a File

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This dialog box allows you to specify the options to segment a test file.

Full path of the test input file to segment — Enter the full path of the document to use for input. The file must be a text file in UTF-8. You can use XML-like tags (e.g. <tag>, </tag>, and <tag/>) to simulate in-line codes. The entire content of the file is considered as a single text unit (i.e. line breaks are not seen as any specific type of paragraph delimiters).

Full path of the output file — enter the full path of the resulting document.

Create HTML output — Set this option to generate the segmentation results in the form of an HTML table, with each segment in a row. If this option is not set, the output is the same as the input file, with the characters '[' and ']' denoting the segments.