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Tikal on Macintosh

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Tikal is a cross-platform command-line tool that performs some simple localization-related tasks, such as:

  • Extract and merge XLIFF documents.
  • Query different MT and TM systems.
  • Perform format conversions.
  • Translate directly files in various formats using TM or MT systems.
  • Segment a source text.
  • And more...

Like other Okapi applications, Tikal uses the components provided by the Okapi libraries, for example the connectors to different translation resource engines such as Apertium MT, Translate Toolkit TM, Google MT, Microsoft Translator, MyMemory TM, etc.

Tikal also uses the Okapi filters, allowing you to process files in many different formats, such as: HTML, ODT, DOCX, PO, XLIFF, TMX, XML, and many more. Its extraction and merge functions let you create easily XLIFF documents.


Tikal is available from both the okapi-apps and the okapi-lib distributions: