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This filter allows you to process different type of files stored in a ZIP archive file (e.g. .zip or .jar files).

Processing Details

This filter takes as input an archive document, for example a ZIP file, and extract from it any file that match the name or pattern specified in the File name field, using the filter specified by the filter configuration identifier specified in the Filter configuration id field.

For example if you specify:

  • File name:
  • Filter configuration id: okf_properties

All the files named (in any directory inside the ZIP file) will be extracted using the Properties Filter with its default configuration.


MIME type of the filter's container format — Enter the MIME type for the format of the archive file.

File names — Enter one or more file names. If several file names are listed they must be comma-delimited. You can use file wild-chars (?, *).

You should have as many file names as filter configuration identifiers in the next field.

Filter configuration ids — Enter one or more filter configuration identifier. They must been as many as there are file names, and they must be in the same order.


  • This filter is BETA.