Desegmentation Step

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This step joins all the segments of each source and/or target text of each text units into a single content.

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events.

Non-segmented entries are left untouched.

Text units flagged as non-translatable are left untouched.


Join all segments of the source text — Set this option to desegment the source text of the text units.

Join all segments of the target text — Set this option to desegment the target of the text units (if there is a target text).

Restore original IDs to renumbered codes — Set this option to renumber the IDs of each joined entry to match an original set of IDs that is a single sequence of numbers starting at '1'. This option can be used to restore the original IDs in the content that was segmented with the option Renumber code IDs in the Segmentation step.


None known.