Filter Configurations

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This dialog box allows you to add, remove and maintain the filter configurations available for a given project.

The table displays the list of all configurations currently available to the project. The class of the filter corresponding to the configuration currently selected is displayed under the table, as well as a short description of what type of documents the configuration can process.

Some configurations are pre-defined. They are provided directly by the filters and cannot be modified.

The others are custom configurations, defined by a user and available in the directory specified in the Custom configurations field. You can modify, create and delete these configurations.

View / Edit — Click this button to view or edit the parameters file of the configuration currently selected. If no editor is available for this type of parameters, the parameters file is opened in a default text editor. Pre-defined configurations are available for viewing only. Custom configurations can be edited. Note that any modifications you perform on the configurations or their parameters is applied immediately.

Create — Click this button to create a new configuration, based on the one currently selected. You will be prompted for its name.

Delete — Click this button to delete the configuration currently selected. Note that you cannot delete pre-defined configurations.

Select — In some cases, this dialog box has a Select button. Click this button to close the dialog box and use the configuration that was selected to be the current configuration in the dialog from where this dialog was invoked.