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Note: Please, note that this API is no longer available and that Google has replaced it with a paid version]. The new Google MT v2 Connector is available for users who wish to use the paid service provided through the version 2 of the API.

Possible alternatives:

Google offers a well-known MT engine: Google Translate. The framework provides a connector for the Google Translate v1 API.

The engine supports inline codes.

This connector accesses a remote server and makes your source text available to Google, but no corresponding translation is sent to Google. You must also respect Google's Terms of Service to use it.


This connector has no parameters.


  • In some cases you may have results with more inline codes than in the original source. For example when a phrase in bold is translated into two separate parts: both parts may get enclosed with the inline codes that were corresponding to the initial bold. While this is not a limitation on itself, it may result in issues if the codes are not clonable.
  • Depending on the volume of data you are processing you may intermittently be blocked from using Google Translate. See the GTT Batch Translation Step for another way to access Google MT system.