ICML Filter

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This filter allows you to process WCML documents. ICML (InCopy Markup Language) is an XML-based format.

This filter is very similar to the IDML Filter

Processing Details



Extract notes — Set this option to extract the content of notes (<Note> elements).

Extract master spreads — Set this option to extract the content of the master spreads if they exist. If this option is not set only the normal spreads are extracted.

Simplify inline codes when possible — Set this option to reduce the number of inline codes by re-grouping adjacent codes when it is possible.

Maximum spread size — Set the maximum size for the spread files (in KBytes). Any spread file above the given value will either generate an error or will be skipped from extraction depending on the specified option. This allows you to skip over large spread files that may contain only graphics and require too much memory to be opened. Note that the skipped file are not checked for translatable text.