Line-Break Conversion Step

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This step converts all line-breaks in the input document to a specified type.

Takes: Raw document. Sends: Raw document.

You need to specify what is the input encoding of the document, even for the formats where it is usually automatically detected (like XML, HTML, etc). The only case where you do not have to specify the input encoding is for files with a Byte-Order-Mark. The output is done in same encoding as the input document, and Byte-Order-Marks are preserved if they are present.

The type of line-break in the input file is detected automatically. The file may contain a mix of different types of line-breaks.


Convert line-breaks to the following type — Select the type of line-break to use in the output files. The choices are:

  • DOS/Windows Carriage Return + Line-Feed, \r\n, 0x0D+0x0A
  • Unix/Linux Line-Feed, \n, 0x0A
  • Macintosh Carriage-Return, \r, 0x0D


None known.