Rainbow - Edit / Execute Pipeline

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This dialog box allows you to create, modify and execute pipelines.

The top text field shows the name of the current pipeline. It is empty if the pipeline is not saved to a pipeline file. Note that the last pipeline used is always saved along with the current project file.

The left-hand list is a list of all the steps that make up the current pipeline. The steps are executed from top to bottom, in the order shown in this list.

The right-hand panel shows the options associated with the step currently selected in the left-hand list. Some steps may not have any option, in that case the panel simply shows the message "This step has no parameters".

Add Step — Click this button to add a new step at the end of the current pipeline. You can move the new step anywhere in the list using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. The Okapi distribution comes with a set of pre-existing steps you can use right out of the box, and you may have additional plugin steps as well. See the "Steps" section for more information.

Remove Step — Click this button to remove the selected step from the current pipeline.

Move Up — Click this button to move the selected step upward (the step executed first is the one at the top of the list). In Rainbow the first step of a pipeline should always be a step that takes a raw document as input. the raw documents are provided from files listed in the Input List 1.

Move Down — Click this button to move the selected step downward (the step executed last is the one at the bottom of the list).

Load — Click this button to load an existing pipeline from a pipeline file.

New — Click this button to start a new pipeline.

Save — Click this button to save the current pipeline to a pipeline file. If the current pipeline has no name yet, you will be prompted to provide a file name and a location.

Save As — Click this button to save the current pipeline under a new file name or at a new location.

Step Help — Click this button to open the help file for the step currently selected. The text field after the button shows a short description of that step.