Rainbow Translation Kit Filter

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The Rainbow Translation Kit Filter is an Okapi component that implements the IFilter interface for any of the packages generated by the Rainbow Translation Kit Creation Step.

This is a filter for READING ONLY (you cannot re-write the translation kit using this filter).

Processing Details

Rainbow translation kits come in different types of packages. they usually corresponds to a directory with a specific layout and content. One of the files in the directory is called manifest.rkm. This is the file to use as the input file to process the whole package.


Open the manifest file before processing — Set this option to open the manifest file, and possibly modify it, before processing it. This allows you for example to merge back only a sub-set of the files listed in the manifest. See the page "Rainbow Translation Kit Manifest" for details.


  • This is a READING ONLY filter. This filter does not generate an output corresponding to the input. It must be used for input only.