Simplification Filter

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This filter is a wrapper around another (internal) filter, and is used to transform events generated by that internal filter. The transformation performed is resource simplification, hence the name.

Processing Details

The filter creates internally and employs 2 steps: Resource Simplifier Step and Inline Codes Simplifier Step. Either or both steps can be activated through the filter parameters.

The default configuration for the internal filter is okf_xmlstream that tells the filter to use XML Stream Filter. You can use any filter configuration for any filter registered with Okapi.


Filter configuration ID — Enter the configuration ID for the internal filter. The internal filter is instantiated automatically and generates events that are simplified based on the Simplify resources and Simplify codes filter parameters.

Simplify resources — Set this option to simplify resources generated by the filter by removing references from resources (resource flattening).

Simplify codes — Set this option to merge adjacent inline codes in the source part of a text unit, and move leading and trailing codes of the source to the skeleton.

You should have at least one of these "simplify" options active, otherwise the filter generates an error.


  • This filter is BETA.