TM Import Step

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This step imports the text units of an input document into a Pensieve TM.

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events

Each text unit is imported into the specified TM. If the text unit is segmented, each segment is imported.

In a text unit segmented, if the number of segments is different between the source and the target, the whole text unit is imported instead of the segments.

If the text unit does not have text for the specified target locale, that text unit is not imported.


Directory of the TM where to import — Enter the directory of the TM where to import the text units. If the TM does not exist it is created. If the TM exists already, the entries are be added to the existing ones. You can use the variable ${rootDir} in the path.

Overwrite if source is the same — If this option is set and an entry to import has the same source text as one or more entries in the existing TM, all the matching existing entries will be replaced by the new one. Do not set this option if you want to allow different translations for the same source.


None known.