Rainbow Translation Kit Merging Step

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This step merges the files of a package created by the Rainbow Translation Kit Creation Step back into their original format.

Takes: Filter events. Sends: Filter events or raw documents (depending on the options).

A Rainbow translation kit is described in a special file inside the package called the manifest (and named manifest.rkm). To post-process (e.g. "merge") the translations of a package, you simply read the manifest file with the Rainbow Translation Kit Filter and use this step to create the translated files in their original formats.

For example the simplest pipeline to merge the files of a translation kit is:

= Raw Document to Filter Events Step
+ Rainbow Translation Kit Merging Step

Such pipeline is one of the pre-defined pipelines available in Rainbow.

  • The input file is the manifest.rkm file of your package.
  • The translated XLIFF documents need to be in the work folder of your package.
  • The original documents need to be in the original folder of the package.


Preserve the segmentation for the next steps — Set this option to preserve the segmentation in the text unit events send to the step after this one.

When merging a text unit, most of the time, the content needs to be un-segmented. To save processing time, the segmentation is not restored. The reason for this is that this step is most often used as the last step of the pipeline, therefore the segmentation would not be used. Set this option to make sure the segmentation is restored.

Return raw documents instead of filter events — Set this option to return raw document events rather than filter events.

If you have steps after this one, you may want to use either the current filter events that are being processed, or a raw document event for each of the output merged file generated by this step. Set this option to send raw document events.

Specify the target locale from the tool instead of the manifest — Set this option to force the target locale to be taken from the tool calling the step rather than from the manifest file.

Override the output path — Enter the directory where you want the output to be generated. Leave this field empty to use the output defined in the manifest.

Note: The options in each manifest file can also be edited when you start processing it. See the "Rainbow Translation Kit Manifest" page for more details.


None known.